Machine Learning

Department of Computer Science and Engineering Inauguration of Association Activities 2019-20 and Guest Lecture on Machine Learning held on 27.07.2019. Mr. Saravanan Devendran, Chief Architect, Cognitive solutions and Automation, Global Technology Services, IBM, Bengaluru, inaugurated the forum by lighting the lamp. He addressed the students to improve their technical knowledge and skills according to the emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning, Grid and Cloud Computing, IoT. He also insisted the students to develop skills in such fields, which would take them to a higher level and advised to be updated in Problem Solving, Creativity, and Leadership Quality to continue their career successfully. He described about the impacts of Artificial Intelligence in everyday life. He also added that the Artificial Intelligence, which are used in Robotics and in machines would give the optimized results without human aid.