Technology Learning Centre


To motivate and educate the Students in Emerging Technologies to become competent.

  • To facilitate the formation of more Technical Learning Groups.
  • To focus on cognitive Learning by Students through Technical Interactions
  • To motivate Students to work with Multidisciplinary approach.
  • To encourage Students to participate in various Technical Forum to enhance the knowledge.
  • To guide the Students to present papers and projects in IntercollegiateContests
Major Activities
  • Identify various emerging Areas
  • Motivate the Students to choose the interested Emerging Technologies for deeper understanding.
  • Assigning Group Lead (Faculty Coordinator) to organize the Group Interactions and reviews.
  • Preparing articles for Presentation in Symposiums, Conferences, and other Competitions.
  • Guiding Multidisciplinary Projects.
  • Organizing Seminars, Expert Lectures, Workshops,Techknow Talk for the
    Benefit of Students and Faculty