1. To impart high-quality Engineering Education in multidisciplinary with an emphasis on a practically oriented learning.
2. To create a state of Art Laboratory that ultimately allows the students to experience the wonder of Engineering through interactive practical sessions.
3. To accelerate the development of indigenous products to promote the Make in India slogan.
4. To bridge the gap between concept, product development and commercialization.
5. IDEA Lab as a physical and virtual environment for generating, developing and commercializing innovative students’ ideas through relevant trainings, mentoring and technology put at their disposal.


Students (Projects/Internship) & Staff (FDP/Projects)

1. The teaching of Engineering and Technology subjects can be improved by showing how different teaching methods and teaching approaches work to greatly improve multidisciplinary and student motivation.
2. The IDEA lab encourages the faculty members to engage themselves in Industry interaction and research activities.
3. The IDEA lab motivates the students to enrich their practical knowledge to meet the industry requirements.
4. To become a self-sustainable Centre of Excellence of International Repute in Idea Development, Prototype Design, Evaluation and Application of Technology for solving Problems in the Industry, Academia and Society by Technology adoption, establishing infrastructure facilities and Human Resources for mentoring support to produce job creators based on National and Global requirements.
5. IDEA Lab to be established with an objective to nurture the creative and entrepreneurial potential among young engineering students. It provides a seed-funding for early start up exploration from an idea in to a prototype and designing a Minimal Viable Product.
6. IDEA Lab serves as a “Technology Business Incubator” aims to mentor potential young minds to conceive an idea, support them to convert the idea into a product to be saleable in the market by providing technological input through time bound technical hands-on sessions.


Integration of IDEA Lab with existing facilities
It is proposed to integrate the following Infrastructure facilities already functional in different departments of the Muthayammal Engineering College

1. Centre of Excellence in Internet of Things (IoT) facility of CSE Department well stocked with hardware and software components is integrated with IDEA Lab to provide IoT based Technological solutions for rural healthcare and agriculture industry.
2. Centre of Excellence in Wireless Sensor Network functioning in the Electronics and Communication Engineering department for providing solutions for road traffic problem in the city by sensor network based traffic analysis and congestion avoidance in peak hours and monitoring the ground water level, moisture level and fertilizer proportion in the agriculture industry to increase the crop yield and in turn improve the per capita income of the farmers in the state.
3. Centre of Excellence in Hyper works and Automotive Laboratory established in the Mechanical Engineering department can be integrated with IDEA Lab to simulate the Automotive Vehicle design and evaluation.
4. Enhancing the practical exposure of the students and faculty members by periodically organizing the hands on sessions on technology adaptation, up skilling of students and faculty members by integrating the existing infrastructure facilities with the proposed IDEA lab.


Alignment with national initiatives/ Technology Vision 2035/ SDGs/ MSME/ specific cross-section of society/ any specialization:
Vision 2035: Public Health Surveillance in India with the vision:

1. To make India’s public health surveillance system more responsive and predictive to enhance preparedness for action at all levels.
2. Citizen-friendly public health surveillance system will ensure individual privacy and confidentiality, enabled with a client feedback mechanism.
3. Improved data-sharing mechanism between Centre and states for better disease detection, prevention, and control.
4. India aims to provide regional and global leadership in managing events that constitute a public health emergency of international concern.
5. IDEA Lab provides the great platform to motivate the students and faculty members to create the Healthy world. This Lab will create the Healthy India through Digital platform.
6. This initiative is the novel Idea created by AICTE for the benefit of Students and Faculty community.


Plan for sustenance of IDEA Lab beyond two years
To transform the lives of citizens, in particular the poor, rural and otherwise excluded segments as active participants in the digital economy and leverage from its benefits. for the Sustenance of the IDEA Lab beyond two years, we are having the action plans as below:

1. Update the equipment’s, Machines and Tools through Industry sponsorship and Institution sponsorship.
2. To develop more commercial patents, through that we are going to develop the funds for the upgradation of Labs.
3. Effective utilization of the Labs for more research by Faculty members and Students.
4. To motivate the students to use the IDEA Lab and to develop more products
5. To keep all the developed products for the future students benefits.