Skill Development Programme on Electronics Circuit and PCB Design

The Electronics and Communication Engineering Department, in partnership with The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) at Muthayammal Engineering College, recently hosted a three-day skill development program focused on “Electronics Circuit and PCB Design”. The program was led by Mr. S. Aravinth, a Senior Project Engineer from IPCS Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Salem, who provided comprehensive knowledge on the fundamental electronic components utilized in electronics circuits.

Mr. Aravinth also delved into the characteristics of these components and demonstrated effective utilization of the associated data sheets. Moreover, he introduced the students to various PCB design tools, emphasizing the advantages of each tool. The program incorporated hands-on training sessions, allowing the students to design electronic circuits and create PCBs. The students greatly benefited from these practical sessions, as they were able to successfully construct electronic circuits and design PCBs for their future projects. By the conclusion of the program, the students had acquired the necessary skills to undertake electronic circuit construction and PCB design.