“Biosorption studies on waste water by microalgae and its commercial applications ”

On 02-11-2023, the Department of Biotechnology organized a workshop titled “Biosorption studies on waste water by microalgae and its commercial applications,” which was successfully conducted. We were privileged to have Dr. S.Renganathan, a distinguished Professor from the Department of Biotechnology at A.C.Tech, Anna University, Chennai, as our chief guest, who delivered an expert talk on the subject. Dr. S.Renganathan shared valuable insights into the biosorption techniques used for treating various industrial waste waters, including textile dyes, and discussed the calculations of adsorption isotherms. The students had the opportunity to interact with Dr. S.Renganathan and were greatly inspired by his expertise. This session proved to be highly beneficial for the students as they could incorporate the knowledge gained into their end semester projects. The workshop was efficiently coordinated by Mr. B.Prasanna, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biotechnology.

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