Alumni Interaction & Mentoring on “Why Administration skill Required in Organization”

The Alumni Interaction & Mentoring session on the topic of “Why Administration Skills Required in Organization” was recently organized by the Department of Master of Business Administration. This event was graced by the presence of Mr. S. Sandeepkumar, an esteemed alumnus of our institution who currently holds the position of SAP-HR at Infosys Ltd in Bengaluru.

During the session, Mr. Sandeepkumar shared valuable insights regarding the current job market, providing our students with useful tips on how to enhance their skills. He also shed light on the various opportunities available in top multinational companies and guided our students on how to establish professional connections with the managers of these organizations.

This session served as a platform for our students to gain practical knowledge and learn from the experiences of a successful professional in the field of administration. It not only highlighted the importance of administration skills in organizations but also provided our students with valuable guidance on how to navigate their careers in this field.

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