National Experts TechTalk Series on Ultra-Wide Bandgap Materials and Devices

The National Expert TechTalk Series (NETS) on Ultra-wide Bandgap Materials and Devices provides the knowledge on different wide bandgap (WBG) and ultra-wide bandgap (UWBG) semiconductor materials, advantages, their application areas and prospects of them in RF market. Also, it provides research advancements in schematic, measurement for modelling of Gallium Nitride High Electron Mobility Transistor (GaN HEMT), and GaN HEMT – formation of 2DEG.
Topics include:
• What is important of bandgap?
• Why ultra-wide bandgap semiconductor?
• Different WBG/UWBG materials
• Application areas of various WBG semiconductor materials
• Measurements for modelling GaN HEMT
• GaN HEMT – Formation of 2DEG
• Schematic of GaN based HEMT
• GaN Application and Process
• RF Market and
• Advantage due to WBG devices.