Institute for Smart Structures and Systems

“ISSS is a Professional Society that helps to keep pace with the advances being made and give impetus to the emerging Smart technology in India. It organizes an international conference every three years on Smart Materials, Structures and MEMS, which has helped to bridge the gaps between the advanced level of technology abroad and the R&d effort in India. In addition, it organizes and supports various national conferences and awareness workshops in this area. It also provides a common forum for the scientists and researchers working in various inter-related fields. Basic aim of this Society is to foster dedicated research among Indian scientists in this vital, state-of-the-art/cutting edge technology.

The hub of activities of this Professional Society is located in IISc, Bangalore- the Silicon Valley of India. The city has various Aerospace, Electronics, Information Technology and other hi-tech establishments. This Society formed by a core group of scientists and experts will have access to infrastructure and scientific support of all DRDO, CSIR, DAE, DOS Laboratories and Academic Institutions in various cities of the country.”