Centre for Research, Development & Consultancy (CRDC)

Centre for Research, Development & Consultancy (CRDC)

Muthayammal Engineering College (MEC) focuses on research ever since its inception in 2000. The Institution has been taking initiatives for differentiating itself by encouraging Research and Innovation. The Centre for Research, Development & Consultancy (CRDC) was constituted to strengthen research activities, enhance industry interaction and to foster industry relevant research. The Centre provides support and guidance to enable the Faculty, Research Scholars and Students to take up research and innovative development activities relevant to industry as well as society.


  • • To Establish and Nurture Research Culture in the Campus.
  • • To Engage in Collaborative Research with R& D Centres in Reputed Organizations.
  • • To Develop and Establish more Research Centres.
  • • To Encourage more Sponsored Research to establish with Enhanced Facilities
  • • To Pursue Innovative and Emerging Research

The prime focus of the College is in Academic Research and Sponsored Research. The faculty members those who are engaged in research are provided the seed money by the Institution to start the research and carry out rigorous research activities. The department of CSE, ECE, EEE and MECH are recognized as Centres for carrying out Ph.D/M.S.(By Research) Programme by Anna University, Chennai. The research activities by the Faculty Members, Full Time/Part Time Research Scholars and Students have shown encouraging results in good number of Research Publications, Products and Patents.

Salient Features

  • • 453 International Journal Publications in last three years.
  • • 25 Patents registered in 2019-20.
  • • 65 Faculty Members with PhDs.
  • • 52 PhDs produced since Inception.
  • • 18 Recognized Research Supervisors.
  • • 67 PhD Scholars on Role.
  • • 12 Consultancy Projects completed.
  • • 21 Sponsored Projects from AICTE, IE(I), TNSCST and other Funding Agencies.

The major areas of research in various Centres of MEC include Biomechanics, Micromachining, Composite Materials, Bioinformatics, Robotics, Medical Imaging, Healthcare, Electric Vehicle, Intelligent Controllers, AI in various Engineering Problems, Nanoelectronics, MEMS/NEMS, Zero Carbon Buildings. Geomechanics, Environmental Engineering. Cell Biology, Food Technology and VLSI.