Master of Computer Applications

S.No Type of Programme Title of Programme Date Name of Resource Person Sponsored
1 Seminar Bigdata Analytics 27.09.2019 Mr.Anantharaj Tangappan, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Wipro, Bangalore Department Association
2 Workshop Mobile Applications Development 24.01.2019 & 25.01.2019 Er.D.Saranraj Android Application Developer and Trainer Transient Technologies, Chennai Department Association
3 Seminar “Cyber Security” 03.03.2018 Mr.C.Karthick, CEO,Smart Infosec, Salem. Department Association
4 Symposium Intercollegiate Meet “IMPACT 2k18” 16.02.2018 Dr.K.Selvavinayagam,
Principal, Periyar University college of arts and science, Pennagaram.
Department Association
5 Workshop One Day Workshop on “Python” 25.01.2018 Dr.M.Moorthy HOD/MCA Department Association
6 Seminar Association Inauguration “TECHOBURSTERS’17” 05.10.2017 Mr.S.Anandhavel, Co-Founder, Innovace Technology solution, Salem Department Association
7 Seminar Inauguration for Lateral entry students 07.09.2017 Dr. K. Premkumar, Dean Academic Department Association
8 Workshop One Day Workshop on “Python” 10.03.2017 Dr.M.Moorthy HOD/MCA Department Association
9 Symposium Intercollegiate Meet “IMPACT 2k17” 08.02.2017 Dr.K.Balachandran Prof. & Head, Christ University, Bangalore Department Association
10 Workshop One Day Workshop on “PHP & MySQL” 06.01.2017 Dr.M.Moorthy   HOD/MCA Department Association
11 Seminar Association Inauguration “TECHOBURSTERS’16” 14.09.2016 Mr.R.Ravi IT Analyst, TCS, Bengaluru Department Association
12 Seminar Inauguration for Lateral entry students 27.09.2016 Mr.Jayaprakash Gandhi Carrier Consultant Department Association
13 Seminar Social Websites and its Usage 09.09.2016 Mrs.M.Maheswari Tech Lead, First American Private Ltd, Salem Department Association
14 Seminar Seminar on .NET 19.08.2016 Ms.P.Manimekala Senior Trainer, Proxima Infotech, Namakkal Department Association