Master of Business Administration

The Department of Management Studies started in the academic year 2005-2006 and offers a two year MBA programme that directs all efforts towards the best of Managerial Education to the students. With the growing demand for high caliber candidates in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship, the Department emphasis on Soft Skill Development and overall personality enhancement. The highlight of the MBA programme at Muthayammal Engineering College is to give an exposure by conducting Seminars, Conferences, forums and conventions in different domains to equip the students to gain knowledge in their two year period of study. Apart from the rigors of a well structured theoretical regime, students also get to experience the latest happenings in the corporate world through the frequent Industry Institute Interaction.


Imparting Academic & Managerial Excellence in Business Endeavours and fostering socially well being citizen.


Inculcating Management, Business and Moral Education for creating Transformational Leadership to Excel as an Effective Manager and Charismatic Leader.


1. Managerial Skills:

Prepare students with a solid foundation in management along with analytical, organizational and interdisciplinary skills to handle national and transnational business challenge.

2. Problem solving and decision making Skills:

Ensure the ability to locate, analyze, evaluate and synthesise information from a wide variety of sources in a planned and timely manner to enable the problem solving and decision making. Develop proficiency in the appropriate use of contemporary research tools and technologies.

3. Individual and Team work:

Function effectively as an individual and as a member or leader in diverse teams in multidisciplinary settings. Impart skills of a high order in interpersonal understanding and teamwork.

4. Environment and Sustainability:

Understand the impact of the professional management solutions in societal and environment contexts, demonstrate the knowledge and need for sustainable development.


1) Ability to understand, Identify, Formulate, and solve the managerial problems.

Understand the concepts of managerial functions to manage the organization effectively

2) Ability to undergo research

Understand research methodology and various mathematical tools for analysis & decision making.

3) An understanding of professional, social and ethical responsibility.

Understand individual ethical behavior, Community responsibilities of an Organization and Society.

4) Ability to improve communication skills.

Gain enhanced communication skills for making effective oral and written presentations

5) Understand the impact of strategic management in a global and societal context.

Gain insight into the process of strategic decision making and implementation of strategic polices.

6) Recognition of the necessity to engage in continuous learning.

Acquire and develop skills required for Industry/Corporate status ready through continuous learning process.

7) Gain Knowledge of contemporary Issues.

Gain thorough and practical understanding of the Issues involved in business startups and fostering innovation and growth.

8) An ability to gain knowledge on various organizational culture and climate and able to function on multidisciplinary teams.

Graduates will be able to analyze, understand the various Issues, beliefs and practices associated with the cross cultures and societies.

1) Adaption of innovative ideas for new startups.

Graduates will be able to use various tools to solve managerial problems and to find out the solution to them and finding the way to start a business.

2) Ability to develop a business plan and new venture.

Learn how to develop a Business Plan to organize the efforts and launch a venture to form a new and successful entrepreneurial initiative.

3) Gain insight into various domains in relevance to management.

Gain insight into the accounting procedures, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, System and excel in their area of interest.

4) Ability to participate in competitive exams like AMFI, IBPS, IRDA, RRB, SSC, TNPSC, NET, SET etc.


2 years

No. of Semesters:

4 Semesters


A pass in a recognized Bachelor´s degree of minimum 3 years duration and obtained at least 50 % (45 % in the case of candidates belonging to reserved category) in the qualifying degree examination. Click Here

Curriculum & Syllabus:

2016 Regulation

Scope for Higher Studies:

  • M.Phil & Ph.D.


Short-Term &
Value-Added Courses Organized
Seminars, Conferences
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