NSS (National Service Scheme) is a programme where the students and staff members of MEC, through their combined participation in community service, get involved in the tasks of nation building. It is a voluntary service where students develop their personality through social service.


Youth Red Cross Society of MEC was started in the year 2002. At present more than 300 volunteers are actively involved in social activities. Youth Red Cross helps the students to inculcate discipline in them and to understand their responsibilities towards their countrymen, especially the poor and downtrodden.


Enabling the student community to be aware of scientific discoveries & captivating breakthroughs by eminent scientists in the past through exhibitions,stalls/ demonstration. It identifies and motivates the passion for scientific thrust in the minds of student through cutting edge discoveries.


Multimedia club aims to spread insights on multimedia among students.The basics of software is thought which are related to designing and editing like photoshop, coral draw movie making after effects).




The word 'Yoga' means "to join or Yoke together". It brings the body and mind together to become a harmonious experience. Yoga is a method of learning that aims at balancing "Mind, Body and Spirit". Yoga is a practice with historical origins in ancient Indian philosophy.
YMC is a path of spiritual enquiry directed to an objective understanding of life and living. Over the years, yoga has also evolved into a science of Health and Healing. Practicing yoga improves balance, endurance, flexibility, and strength, while meditation helps keep the mind sharp, relieves stress and anxiety, and can strengthen your immune system.