Bio Medical Engineering


The Department of Bio Medical Engineering is established in the year 2018-19 in B.E. Biomedical Engineering affiliated to Anna University, Chennai with an intake of 60 students. Biomedical Engineering is a discipline that deals with engineering, biology, and medicine to improve human health through multidisciplinary activities that integrate the engineering sciences with the biomedical sciences and clinical practice. It includes the acquisition of new knowledge and understanding of living systems through experimental and analytical techniques based on the engineering sciences for the development of new devices, algorithms, processes, and systems to improve medical practice and health care delivery.

Biomedical Engineer uses traditional engineering expertise to analyze and solve problems in biology and medicine, providing an overall enhancement of health care. Students choose the biomedical engineering field to be of service to people, to partake of the excitement of working with living systems, and to apply advanced technology to the complex problems of medical care. The biomedical engineer works with other health care professionals including physicians, nurses, therapists, and technicians. Biomedical engineers may be called upon in a wide range of capacities: to design instruments, devices, and software, to bring together knowledge from many technical sources to develop new procedures, or to conduct research needed to solve clinical problems.

Biomedical Engineers must have excellent analytical skills, as well as problem-detection and problem-solving skills. They should work well independently, but also be able to work well as a member of a team. For Biomedical Researchers, the knowledge they discover can be used in the development of biomedical products, or in other areas of medicine, for example to improve treatment methods and speed up patient recovery. Creativity is an important attribute for Biomedical Researchers. For them, the focus of their work is on new ways of understanding the human body and the types of engineering and mechanical devices that can improve medical equipment and patient treatments.


4 years (Regular) / 3 years (Lateral Entry)

No. of Semesters:

8 (Regular) / 6 (Lateral Entry)


10+2 system of Education. Must have secured a pass in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in the qualifying examination.

Curriculum & Syllabus:

2016 Regulation