Institution of Engineers India – 2019-2020

The Institution of Engineers (India) the Chartered Engineer certificate being issued by the IEI (which is one of world’s oldest and largest professional bodies of Engineers), plays the role of recognition and acceptance of one’s techno-academic qualification and professional attainment on a global platform.The Muthayammal Engineering College faculty, Dr. S.Saravanan from EEE Department has received the Chartered Engineer(India) award during the academic year 2019-2020.
The Institution of Engineers (India) is the first professional body to represent India in several International Bodies. It was established in 1920 at Kolkata and running over 98 years. The IEI is commonly known as Tamilnadu State Centre of educational foundation that transforms the students & researchers into an expert in the industry. It has 121 centre in India and fifteen local centre in Tamilnadu.