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It is our basic belief that good researchers are well equipped to be good teachers – for, as they have developed a perspective of the future of technology, they are ideally suited to train engineers for tomorrow’s industry.A reputation for excellence in research supported by a high caliber staff is reflected in the demand for entry to programmes from high achieving students. Committed to excellence in fundamental research as well as the development of innovative technologies for the future, our institution offers a quality research training experience for the students. The Institute maintains its relevance to world-class research by linking with industry and business through local and international research networks.

It also expands to research in basic science and technology, applied sciences etc. Emerging fields and key hi-tech disciplines of the future are focused on. It encourages its researchers to participate in a wide range of international research collaborations. Muthayammal engineering college extensive network creates unique opportunities for conducting and supporting research, particularly in inter and multi-disciplinary areas.


Members of faculty are actively involved in Research and Development. Faculties have published 40 papers in the referred journals, National and international conferences during the past three years. One International conference, Two National conferences, and three student technical symposiums have been conducted by the department in the past three years. Several Seminars and Workshops have been organized with a view to expose the Faculty and Student Community to the recent trends in mechanical field. The research proposals are prepared and submitted to various agencies for possible financial support.
A few research areas in which the faculty members are pursuing their research are mentioned below:

1a. Micro-machining

Research Title: Development and performance study of micro Electric Discharge Machining (µEDM)
The aim of the proposed work is to develop a low cost micro machining setup capable of both micro Electric Discharge Machining (µEDM). The following are the objectives of the research work:
i. Design and develop the structure for single axis machining with the associated systems such as tool feed mechanism, inter electrode gap control, electrolyte / dielectric flow system, machining chamber and fixture.
ii. Performance analysis (effect of various parameters such as machining voltage, electrolyte concentration and others on the quality of the hole – attributes such as minimum hole diameter, overcut, aspect ratio, shape and surface finish) of the developed single axis micro EDM when machining 304 stainless steel.
Research outcome: The developed machine may offer solutions to problems of micro manufacturing Industries and new existing application possibilities can be found out.

1b. Renewable energy

Research Title: Study on Solar Assisted Drier of Peanuts.
The objectives of this research were:
i) To demonstrate the technical viability of solar drying using liquid desiccant air dehumidification, by developing a prototype drying system applicable to a number of agriculture products (such as peanuts)
ii) The system would utilize solar energy as the main energy source with auxiliary electricity for air blowing and desiccant circulation.
Research outcome: Drying of crops is critical for preserving product quality and achieving a storage life of 1-3 years. But it is one of the most energy-intensive processes associated with agricultural production. Drying by heated air not only consumes a considerable amount of fossil fuel, but can also cause damage to seeds by breaking essential enzymes, affecting germination rates and rendering the product unsuitable for use. Hence this research circumvents the above problem.

1c. Composite Material

Research Title: Experimental and Numerical Investigation of strength characteristics of composite joints
The main objective of the project is
To develop improved analysis tool to support the analysis of composite joints
To make detailed stress analysis and failure prediction to ensure efficient load transfer through the joints
To sustain subcritical damages like cracking of matrix, fiber/matrix decohesion, fiber fracture, ply cracking, delamination and so on
Research outcome: Development improved analysis tool to support the analysis of composite joints lead to major breakthrough in composite technology.

1d. Non-traditional Machining Processes

Research Title: Multi Objective Optimization of Wire Electric Discharge Machining Process Parameters DOE Techniques
The main purpose of this study is to investigate the influence of various parameters such as pulse on (ON), pulse off (OFF), peak current (IP) and servo voltage (SV) involved in WEDM on the machining characteristics, namely, surface roughness (Ra), sparking gap (Gap), cutting speed (CS), recast layer (RL) and micro cracks.
Research outcome: The optimal use of the EMM process for higher production rate, with better accuracy demands proper control of machining parameters through a suitable WEDM set-up. Therefore, by controlling the various process parameters, optimal quality of the workpiece can be obtained.

1e. Agile Manufacturing

Research Title: Agile Manufacturing Systems with its Recent Developments
Agile manufacturing is concerned with thriving in prevailing market conditions by quickly introducing new or modified products. The purpose of the project is to make agile manufacturing systems (AMS) with scheduling, which performs both machining and assembly. It also provides a comparison between the attributes of lean and mass production as well as between agile manufacturing and mass production.
Research outcome: The Agile Manufacturing Systems allows the production of high varieties of modular products in small batches and at low costs.

2. Master Of Computer ApplicationsS

The faculty members are actively participating in doing research in the state of art issues and have published various papers in reputed National and International Journals. They have also presented their research papers in various National and International Conferences.
· Cryptography, Mobile Computing, Computer Networks, Data Mining, Wireless Networks, Mobile Ad-hoc Networks, Image Processing
Undergoing Research Work
A Novel Application Service Network Request Identification Technique for Mitigating App-DDOS Attacks
A Novel Technique has been proposed for wired and wireless interface access in an Internet application service.
Enhancement of Leach-mobile protocol with energy efficient density based clustering for Mobile Sensor Networks
Enhancement of energy efficient routing protocols considerably to extend the lifetime of sensor network.
A Hybrid Intrusion Detection System for Wireless Local Area Networks using Fuzzy Logic to prevent Denial-of-Service attacks using Authentication technique.
In this research anomaly is detected using Bayesian network technique and misuse detection is made using Support Vector Machine and decision making is made using Fuzzy Logic.
Authentication Process in Networking and Communication using Dial-up Remote Access System
This proposed work aims to solve the congestions during the network transactions using Packet Merging Algorithm.


The research centre has Two Doctorates and twenty research scholars pursuing research in various domains like HR, Marketing and Finance. The scholars are currently undergoing P.hD in distinctive titles like Business Eco system, Employee Engagement, Customer Relationship Management, Stress management, Service Effectiveness, Advertising Appeals, Work Place Spirituality, Green Marketing, and so on. The Department has extensively focused on fostering research appetite for faculty members as well as students. The Faculty members and students are frequently publishing research articles in leading Journals. In addition to this Department of Management Studies is conducting various Workshops, Seminars, FDPs and Conference for enrich the knowledge of students and research scholars towards research.


The Research Centre was established in the year 2008. The CSE department offers the Ph.D Research Programme in Computer Science and Engineering. 13 faculty members are pursuing their research by utilizing the research centre.


The faculty of Electronics and Communication Engineering Department are doing their research in following titles
· Frequency selective surfaces (FSS) for Electromagnetic Shielding
· Investigations on Channel Estimation Techniques in Multiband OFDM Systems
· Power Optimization in Memory Cells
· Synchronization and On-Chip Signal Integrity of 3D IC’s


Muthayammal engineering college has undergone many research projects in the areas of Power system, Power electronics and Electrical machines and advanced manufacturing, fuel cells etc. Inculcate the spirit of enquiry among the learners and thereby pave the way for an innovative learning environment at the Institutions through strategic alliances and create facilities in the frontier areas of science and technology for world class research work.